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Hi, I’m Michael. I grew up in small-town Canada, but I spend a lot of time in NYC & Beijing. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how I can do “fewer things, but better.” I think it’s important to do our best work, but I have a habit of tinkering and working on multiple tasks at the same time; which produces good work, but arguably not my best.

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  • Hi I am Courtney,
    I found this site because I am applying to be your virtual assistant. I love your message Michael. I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about adult life. Find job, find a spouse, find a house. Thats the basic formula. But it won’t work for everyone and certainly not for me. I have worked a lot of jobs in my life but I have yet to find the one that captures my heart and provides enough money to live the life I need. But I feel I am about to crest this hill. I feel that web development offers it all. Creativity, freedom and security.

    • Hi Courtney – thank you for sharing your story. Agreed that the “default” life path is often seen as the only one… and following any other path is challenging. re: web development, definitely opportunity for the balance you want. My #1 recommendation would be to go very niche, “web designer for law firms with 3 to 6 lawyers” (a big growth stage). Or, you seem to have a beautiful etsy shop, maybe you could help some brick and mortar holdouts get online… best of luck.

  • Hi I am Ariane from Austria living in the Bay Area; I found this site because I appreciate your writing and am one of your happy clients. Recently I have been thinking a lot about my art (music, I am a bass player) and the art of business (I have an online bass teaching portal). Both efforts take a lot of time and just keeping my chops up (musically and business wise) is a full time effort, albeit a happy one. What is exhausting, though, is the constant need to reinvent myself based on changing technologies, trends and the nature of doing business online. I am also obsessed with answering my clients immediately, which is a bit to my detriment sometimes (when a client in the UK tells me on email, look, it is 3.00AM where you are right now, my question really can wait until it is morning your time… I guess the word obsession seems right). So, switching off and better prioritizing!


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