Everything I Know

This article started it’s life as a “30 things in 30 years” post.

But then two things happened…

  1. The number of things I want to share ballooned past 30; and
  2. I turned 31

So instead this is a running list of “everything I know”; fundamental lessons that have proven true for me. I’ve written it specifically for growth minded people that would prefer to learn from my mistakes then stumble through years of barriers on their own. As my friend Carolynn put it, “I wish I’d gotten this when I turned 21. Would have saved me some headaches later.”

I’ve categorized the items for easier reading and I ruthlessly cut out fluff — it’s still 3521 words. I recommend you read this article carefully, like you would read a book.
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10 Life Lessons From the Guy That Lost $100 Million on Facebook

Noah Kagan is an entrepreneurial machine.

  • his “deals on products” site, AppSumo hit 500,000 customers in less than 18 months;
  • his company Kickflip Inc. was the #1 largest Facebook App developer;
  • his payment company Gambit reached $150,000/day in revenue with clients like Zynga, Tagged, Gaia Online, and Disney;
  • his new business, SumoMe, free tools to grow your website traffic, is already reaching 965,720,950 visitors – damn!;
  • and yes, he worked at Intel, was #4 at Mint, and #30 at Facebook (where he got fired and missed out on $100 million+).

This article is about the man behind the machine and how he operates day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year to get results like these.

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5 Simple Steps to Becoming an Expert

Why does the world need you to become an expert?

Change the world and make it a better place, and so the motivation for becoming an expert isn’t just so you’re an expert, it’s so you can have an impact on the world; and so that’s why I talk about becoming an expert. And the steps really aren’t that complicated.

— BJ Fogg

Ramit Sethi is an expert on personal finance.

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What To Do With Your Life

Do you have trouble making decisions?

I do too. Even the smallest decisions can weigh heavily on my mind.

  • what to eat for lunch?
  • should I get a haircut this week?
  • which new shoes should I buy?
  • do I even need new shoes?

Most of those questions are easy enough to solve – I just force a decision.

But then we kick the complexity up a notch and I need another strategy.

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Finally: A Way For Creatives To Stand Out On LinkedIn

Do you get business from LinkedIn?

If not, you aren’t alone. You opened an account two or three years ago, right? You filled it in with some of the basic info and uploaded a picture. Since then you’ve accepted a few connections and maybe left or received a review. Not much else. So how come you hear these stories about people networking their way to six-figure jobs, or landing mega contracts through LinkedIn?

Here’s the thing. There’s a reason those people are getting big deals, while you are left feeling like LinkedIn is a waste of time. They know the proven strategies for making their profile stand out. Read on for those strategies.

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