I’m a marketing consultant that builds growth mechanisms into businesses.

That means I setup systems that quickly boost leads, sales, etc. and sustain those results over time.

It’s not unusual for my clients to see 10x immediate ROI on these efforts, and 100x as the systems continue to churn out results.


  • At Pavlok, an ecommerce company that sells a consumer wearable product, I took sales from near zero to a record breaking number. This was enough to win Tim Ferriss & Richard Branson’s Shopify competition for highest sales vs. 20,000+ other companies;
  • Another client that operates in the b2b space is seeing 10x as many monthly leads (from 30 per month to 350+), including leads from Google, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Cadillac, Siemens, GAP and thousands of others;

I’m expensive and not a great fit for everybody. I work best with clients who already have a proven revenue model and are able to quickly scale supply to meet increased demand. If you are a solopreneur or a small business that operates in a limited market it probably won’t be cost effective for me to do the work for you.

Interested in working together? Email me at malexis@gmail.com with a quick note about your project.